Melon Cowlick

by PS

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Daybreaker Rein
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Daybreaker Rein Been waiting for this for some time, and I found it hits every bit of my liking as far as my musical tastes go! It was explained to have a sort of "Light/Dark, Happy/Sad" feel as a divide between the tracks, and I totally get that! Great stuff! Favorite track: Shystep.
AlucardsQuest thumbnail
AlucardsQuest An honest but dreamlike snapshot into the once thought long lost world of PS. Emotional melodies and clever beats abound, it also breaks unwritten Chip rules delving into well thought out slower passages with stronger weight to the songs that you may never want to let go of. Chance it, but turn down the volume! lol
Michael Pinto
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Michael Pinto Wow, I'm a fan of your youtube videos and decided to check this out. I am blown away by the masterful sounds! I feel the emotion and sadness all throughout these tracks. Great job!
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WARNING! The sounds on this album are very loud because I lost the masters and I was not able to master it properly, so you'll probably want to turn it down to taste. Please take care of your ears! The tracks on this album were made between about 2004-2014 here and there because I can rarely sit and make music for long periods of time and lose interest easily, so I usually just create short ideas rather than complete tracks. Some of the tracks were made during high points in my life but most of them were made during low points. For me, the album is pretty clearly divided between these two points but often when I play my music for others they say things like, "Oh this sounds happy!" or "Ooh, this sounds pretty!" when I usually think the song just sounds sad. For the most part, the 1st half of the album is happy and the 2nd half of the album is sad, though some tracks on either side reach for the other at points. The album title "Melon Cowlick" is obviously stupid but appropriate for this music because often when I think I've made a sad song, the people I play it for think it sounds happy. As a result, I tried to tie these two concepts together in the album and title between the stupid wordplay on "melancholic" (Melon Cowlick) and the day and night division between the 1st and 2nd half of the album. Thank you for listening.


released September 30, 2016

Thank you to Ben aka Producer Snafu for trying to help me master this. Unfortunately my masters were lost during a fatal computer repair where the "repairers" deleted them, so this was the best that could be done unfortunately. Thank you to my friends and family that were nice enough to tolerate listening to this so I could get their opinions on multiple occasions. All music is by me except for the vocal samples on Lookatat (old friend's voice), MM80, Videocholic Nth2 and Intrasthesia (you can probably guess the people these voices belong to).




PS Denver, Colorado

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